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Welcome to Never Too Soon!

Never Too Soon

Our Mission

Never Too Soon was established in April 2011 with two goals in mind:

First, provide a free resource to educate patients with pulmonary disease, the community of pulmonary physicians and the public at large on the importance of early action when pulmonary disease is detected. Once detected, it is critical for patients and pulmonary physicians to seek, before the disease progresses to end stage, early referrals to Transplant Centers for evaluation. Too many patients who could have gained earlier acceptance into transplant programs become too ill to be listed for transplant or to be transplanted when lungs become available.  It is Never Too Soon!

Second, Never To Soon seeks to evangelize for the urgent need for participation in organ donation programs. In a future time of greatest turmoil, your actions now could save a life!

If you or someone you love has lung disease, including Cystic Fibrosis, COPD and IPF, please urge your pulmonary team to closely monitor your lung health and volume.  Don't wait too long to request a referral for transplant evaluation.  It's Never Too Soon!

Organization News

In the coming months, Never Too Soon will:

  • Release our full Web site containing an updated design, forum and the ability to download resrources from the site. 
  • Provide resources such as brochures and videos that educate patients with pulmonary disease and their doctors on the importance of early referrals for transplant consideration. It's Never Too Soon!
  • Provide these same resources to patients to take to support and other community groups to share this message
  • Deliver stories and video testimonials from those who have benefited from a lung transplant
  • Provide a series of Web links, phone numbers and physical addresses organizations that can provide additional materials and guidance to those seeking transplant information in their region
  • Launch a press campaign to deliver a message on the importance of early referrals and organ donation
  • Offer attire that lets others know it's Never Too Soon!
  • If you would like to know more or be informed as these changes roll out, please send a message to info@nevertoosoon.org

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